Life can suck…. add sugar

Life can suck. As bad a sucking on a lemon when you least expect it, or getting lemon juice in your eye.

Back story alert: I love gum, I’ve had a love-love relationship with gum for as long as I can remember. Somewhere in my tweens I discovered a sour gum (can’t remember the brand name). At first sour bite, I was hooked! Then I had the wonderful idea of “spreading the love” of gum (sour gum) with everyone. My strategy was to walk up to a person, with the sweetest most innocent face ever, and offer a “gum”. Oh man, I would be on the floor rolling.

No one ever said, “Wow! This is amazing.” Not one person. More often than not (aka every single time) the gum ended up in the garbage. All the while I was laughing my head off. Needless to say, I did get a few promise of bodily harm.lemon

Getting a bite of a sharply sour taste, especially when you don’t expect it, is not a pleasant experience. Yup, you guessed it, this is where I draw the parallel with life. Sometimes that “sour stuff” comes rushing at you and sucker punch you right in the most sensitive parts, except you don’t get to spit it out. How do you deal?

Like when I got a call from a recruiter about a job offer with a 33% raise, she was supposed to be setting up a phone screening and I was working on not getting too excited because, let’s face it, I’m good at interviews. Only to find out on Monday (that last bit happened on Wednesday) that she “Is no longer with the company and someone else is taking over her files.”

Oh my gerd! This new guy has no idea how awesome I am. Say goodbye to that sweet 33% raise and suck on dem lemons. Life just sucker punched me!

How does one make lemonade out of dem here lemons?

Thankfully this wasn’t the end of this story.

I started by adding some sugar – positive attitude.

Then some elbow grease – some persistence. I asked for the person who is now handling this portfolio and expressed my continued interest in the job.

Some more sugar – I turned up the charm, said my thank you’s and appreciation.

Lemonade – I now have a job earning 33% more (Thank you Jesus!)



What happens when your problem gets solved?

aneal-inspire1I’ve often said, “If only I could get enough sleep, I would take over the world.”

Via way of my Facebook posts, you may know that I struggle with insomnia. What you don’t know is the true impact it has had on my life. Just how much of an emotional, mental and social-kicker-to-the-nuts it has been. And you wouldn’t, because I haven’t told you. Except that I may or may not want to start a fight club (allegedly).

I’ve been quite resistant to taking any meds for the issue, preferring instead to try other non-medicated remedies. I continued to suffer and become even more irritable and become more frustrated. Recently, upon the prompting of my wonderful and amazing accountability partner and another equally amazing music teacher (not mine) and some soul searching questions from an incredible FB friend. I finally talked to my doctor about the issue and accepted medication. 

It’s only been two days, but day one was had such great results that it made me wonder, “What if this is enough to actually resolve my sleep issue? Then what?”

Have you ever thought about what would happen if that obstacle that is so insurmountable were removed from your life, “What would happen next?” would you really do all that you said you would do? I think the answer is no.

Hear me out.  

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my brain didn’t hurt, my body felt relaxed and I didn’t feel like I needed a nap after 30 seconds of waking up. On this day, everything was possible. I could think so much more clearly and maybe this day I could remember some stuff when I needed to remember them.

Now that the bolder had been removed from the road in front of me, could I drive forward into new territory? It’s been 11 years (at least) since I’ve been dealing with this issue. Do I even know how to function with a rested mind? 

When you have something that you have to fight on a daily basis, just to be able to function you create systems, coping methodologies, ways of doing things to circumvent this “thing”. How do I do things when it isn’t there anymore? I think getting rid of that bolder is the first step and now I must be willing to drop the little stones that I carry in my pockets, and abandon the side streets that I took (and got lost in) to find a new path. Here’s me pressing the gas full steam ahead!


Hello world!

Well heller to you! (in my Rasputia voice).

Here I am world.. voicing my opinions and putting my thoughts on paper … well.. you know what I mean.

Come with me on a journey chasing a dream and creating “a rich life”  (shout out to my surrogate Asian father Ramit Sethi) and figuring out how to make LemonAid (wink wink).